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My name is Sarah, and I am a writer living in Durham, North Carolina, the best city in the world. I’ve written some short fiction in the past, and now I write young adult novels. You can buy my first book, The Goodbye Summer (Sourcebooks Fire), on IndieBound, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble or add it to your Goodreads if you like stories about good friendships, first loves, and summer.

I have a dog named Toast, after the defunct feminist humor website The Toast, and a husband named Ben. If you are taking a trip to Durham and want restaurant recommendations, I am happy to offer you some. I am pretty good at baking bread and cakes, okay at crafting, and enthusiastic about doing Krav Maga at The Coalition NC. My last name has the word name in it. You can follow me on Instagram at @sarahvanname or subscribe to my newsletter at

I am represented by Nell Pierce at Sterling Lord Literistic.